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Wind turbine generators (WTG) are dynamically highly stressed. In the past few years have occurred frequently bearing and gear damage. For targeted improvements in design, production and choice of material is missing meaningful metrics. The individual transmission components (gears, bearings, shafts) are far metrologically not accessible during operation. Few states can be observed from the outside, eg., Temperature changes on the housing or noises or vibrations. The causes of problems are but mostly inside the gear housing. These include mechanical stresses which may lead to undue distortion of the individual teeth and (current) to the wear of the tooth flanks.
The specific conditions within a transmission limit applicable in practice measurement methods. In addition to the limitation of available for sensor installation volume complicate oil and fat layers use in transmission. Promising are here in the first instance, such sensors, which are characterized by a non-contact data acquisition. Examples include known optical, capacitive, magnetic, thermal or resistive measuring principles.
They enable the dynamic acquisition of transmission condition under load with respect to the local distribution of forces, torques, vibrations and temperature, the supporting thermo¬graphische image analysis as well as the observation of the state of wear and fatigue Werk¬stoffen. Since most of these sensors exist today only as a laboratory model, its long-term performance, miniaturization, calibration and integration are essential research tasks within the transmission. Exactly for this purpose are in BIMAQ using the Inside-sensoring laboratory solutions researched and developed.

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