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The research focus of the Bremen Institute for Metrology, Automation and Quality Science (BIMAQ) is the holistic investigation of optical measurement systems, which includes the design, realization, modelling, characterization and, finally, the application of novel measurement techniques. By applying a rigorous system-based analysis of the measurement systems, the limits of measurability and the respective uncertainty principles are investigated in order to determine and to surpass the limits of state-of-the-art approaches. Beyond pure measurement tasks, automation aspects and the application of quality controls is investigated as well. However, the core competence of BIMAQ is measurement system engineering, which is a key discipline for solving technical and overall social challenges.


Kid's University 2024 in Bremen

Already for the third time, the BIMAQ is part of the Bremen Kid's University (https://www.uni-bremen.de/kinderuni). In the contribution "We see colors ... and temperatures as well?" Prof. Fischer discovers together with the pupils a new, fascinating world. What would the world look like, if we could see infrared light with our eyes? With a colorful bunch of experiments and a pre-easter surprise, fundamental questions on the nature of light and heat radiation are answered. In addition, the importance of contacless temperature measurements for our sociecty as well as for current research activities are highlighted.

Dear children!

It was so great to see you all again in a lecture hall of the university. Wir are so excited about your many, many question. In case one question still remained answered, do not hesite to write me an e-mail to Enable JavaScript to view protected content.. We can't wait to see you again at the Bremen Kid's University next year!

Your BIMAQ team from the Uni Bremen!

Shaping the energy transition – with measurement techniques!

Metrological competences are required for the operation and ongoing development highly efficient and reliably working wind turbines. As an example, geometry measurements of gears (to assure the component tolerances), wind velocity measurements (for a reliable site assessment as well as für teh efficient and safe control of the wind turbine), and flow state measurements on rotor blades (for maximizing the efficiency and minimizing the sound emissions) are essential measurement tasks.

To bundle the metrological competences, the national metrology institute of Germany that is the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) founded the Competence Centre for Wind Energy (CCW). About the CCW, and about the metrological competences contributed from the industry and the University of Bremen, it is reported in the currently released special issue in the journal „tm – Technisches Messen“ for the first time:

Special Issue: Metrological Competence Centre for Wind Energy

Prof. Fischer (University of Bremen, BIMAQ) and Prof. Härtig (PTB) are the guest editors for this special issue. Both are more than excited to present this unique collection of insights into the fascinating world of metrology and measurement techniques, contributing to a successful energy transition.

Awarding of the Deutsche WindGuard Young Scientists Award 2023 for Measurement Technology, Automation and Quality Science

In 2023, the DWG Young Talent Award was presented for the seventh time at BIMAQ for outstanding student work at the Bremen Institute for Metrology, Automation and Quality Science (BIMAQ) in the Faculty of Production Engineering at the University of Bremen. The prize is intended to promote young engineers and is sponsored by Deutsche WindGuard GmbH (DWG).

In awarding the prize, particular emphasis was placed on progress for science, metrological system understanding and the relevance of the research results for practical measurement tasks. The award is associated with prize money of 500 euros per master thesis.

2023 the awards went to:

Master thesis: Philipp Thomaneck, M. Sc.

Validierung eines ganzheitlichen bionischen Leichtbaudesigns für Verzahnungen hinsichtlich dynamischer Belastungen



Wissenschaftliche:r Mitarbeiter:in (Doktorand:in) (w/m/d) im Forschungsgebiet Indirekte optische Geometriemessung mittels fluoreszierenden Partikeln

An der Universität Bremen ist im Bremer Institut für Messtechnik, Automatisierung und Qualitätswissenschaft (BIMAQ), Fachbereich 4, Produktionstechnik zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt eine Position als Wissenschaftliche:r Mitarbeiter:in (Doktorand:in)...
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