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The research focus of the Bremen Institute for Metrology, Automation and Quality Science (BIMAQ) is the holistic investigation of optical measurement systems, which includes the design, realization, modelling, characterization and, finally, the application of novel measurement techniques. By applying a rigorous system-based analysis of the measurement systems, the limits of measurability and the respective uncertainty principles are investigated in order to determine and to surpass the limits of state-of-the-art approaches. Beyond pure measurement tasks, automation aspects and the application of quality controls is investigated as well. However, the core competence of BIMAQ is measurement system engineering, which is a key discipline for solving technical and overall social challenges.


OptiProp - Development and launch of a test rig to optimize electric propellers

Within the EFRE-project "OptiProp" the Deutsche Windguard Engineering GmbH and the BIMAQ realize two test rigs for electric propeller engine units. For this pupose, a steroscopic PIV system is integrated in the aeroacoustic wind tunnel in Bremerhaven. (FKZ:989/PFAU-FUE-V-14-2/2021-ZB)

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Engangement for measurement science as a key discipline

Prof. Fischer was elected as deputy chairmen of the German Association of Professors in Measurement Technique (AHMT) for the next two years 2022 and 2023. Thank you for the expressed trust!

The association has the aim of promoting the science about measurement techniques as an important discipline at universities. For this purpose, an active scientific exchange and a high engagement in research and teaching regarding the discipline are fostered. Furthermore, the association annually awards the well-respected Messtechnikpreis to a young scientist for a work, which contributes significantly to the ongoing development of measurement techniques.

Awarding of the Deutsche WindGuard Young Scientists Award 2021 for Measurement Technology, Automation and Quality Science

In compliance with all corona measures, the Young Scientist Promotion Award donated by Deutsche WindGuard GmbH for outstanding work at the Bremen Institute for Metrology, Automation and Quality Science (BIMAQ) of the Department of Production Engineering at the University of Bremen was also awarded for the fifth time for 2021 at BIMAQ for the promotion of young scientists.

In awarding the prize, particular emphasis was placed on progress for science, metrological system understanding and the relevance of the research results to measurement tasks of practical relevance. The award is associated with prize money of 300 euros per master thesis and 200 euro per bachelor thesis.

2021 the awards went to:

Bachelor thesis: Jacob Friedrich, B. Sc.

"Auswertung laser-optischer Messdaten von Windkraft-Rotorblättern”"

Master thesis: Marina Terlau, M. Sc.

"Untersuchung der Wärmeausbreitung in Rotorblattvorderkanten bei der aktiven Thermografie"


Publication with excellent scientific quality

We are pleased to announce the recent publication "Noise reduction in high-resolution speckle displacement measurements through ensemble averaging" (https://doi.org/10.1364/AO.416028) in the internationally renowned journal Applied Optics, which was highlighted by the editor as a selected article with excellent scientific quality ("Editor's Pick").

Special Issue "Optical In-Process Measurement Systems" published

As guest editor, Prof. Fischer created a special issue on "Optical In-Process Measurement Systems" in the international journal Applied Sciences. The published articles report about the challenges and new solutions for the area of optical measurement techniques, in order to enable the analysis and finally the improvement of, e.g., manufacturing and energy conversion processes not on a laboratory scale, but with respect to the process environment of operating devices in reality.

The open-access published articles are accessible here:


Bremer Forschungszentrum für Energiesysteme (BEST)

Bremen Research Center for Energy Systems (BEST)

The Bremen Research Center for Energy Systems (BEST) is a cross-departmental association of professors at the University of Bremen for bundling and intensifying research and teaching in the field of energy systems. In the field of teaching, BEST aims to offer attractive interdisciplinary courses, especially for young engineers and economists. In this winter semester 2021/22 BEST started the lecture series ENERGY SYSTEMS OF THE FUTURE. In the lecture contribution Wind turbines: Challenges of on-site research, BIMAQ presented novel optical measurement methods and measurement results for the investigation of wind turbines on 2.11.21, which can be applied on-site to running, real turbines. This offers fascinating insights into the actual deformation and flow behavior of real wind turbines beyond simulation and laboratory investigations.