Laboratory for Thermography

Boundary layer visualization on rotor blades

Using infrared cameras can visualize the temperature distribution on the surface of a rotor blade. The Bremen Institute for Metrology, Automation and Quality Science (BIMAQ) at the University of Bremen, in collaboration with the German WindGuard Engineering GmbH to the implementation of thermography measurements on rotor blades of wind turbines during operation. It can be measured sense at a distance between 100 and 500 meters.

Further offers BIMAQ in cooperation with Deutsche WindGuard Engineering GmbH in Bremerhaven on the implementation of thermography measurements on rotor blade segments in the wind tunnel. For this, two different camera systems. The investigations can be carried out in acoustically optimized wind tunnel of the German Wind Guard in Bremerhaven. There is turbulence flows with speeds of up to 360 km / h, Reynolds numbers of up to 6 million can be generated.


  • Determining the position of the transition line
  • Identifying areas with premature transition due to leading edge contamination, erosion, manufacturing deviations or the influence of erosion protection
  • Verify the functionality of vortex generators, jagged ribbons and other aero-dymischen Help resources
  • Compared to simulation results

Technical specifications

VarioCam hr thermographic camera

  • Detector Format: 640 x 480 pixels infrared
  • Spectral range: 7.5 to 14 microns
  • Focal Length: 30 mm

ImageIR thermographic camera

  • High Speed ​​System
  • Detector Format: 640 x 512 pixels infrared
  • Spectral range: 2 - 5 microns
  • Focal length telephoto lens: 200 mm

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