About Us

The BIMAQ is an engineering research institute at the Department of Production Engineering at the University of Bremen, and represents the field of metrology, automation and quality science teaching and research. Its core competence is the measurement technology. An overview of our topics can be found » here.

On BIMAQ an interdisciplinary research team of about 40 employees work. It is committed inter alia to in MAPEX composite, is instrumental in Bremen Collaborative Research Centres of the German Research Foundation and cooperating regionally, nationally and internationally with research institutions and companies.

The BIMAQ divided locally in a main building and a pilot:

  • In BIMAQ main building there are laboratories for research on optical, thermographic and photothermal measurement systems. In addition, various CMMs exist.
  • In BIMAQ-pilot is a unique laboratory for large gears with a large coordinate measuring machine and a test hall with different transmission test rigs, mainly for research into wind turbines.

An overview of our infrastructure can be found » here.

The BIMAQ is active in research and teaching as well as metering service. An overview of our service offerings can be found » here.

Memberships and Partners