Programming of open-loop and closed-loop control for the selective laser melting process

Student job

3D printing is a booming technology that offers the possibility to produce complex part geometries. On current systems the process runs without in-process measurement and without closed-loop control. Therefore, there is still a lot of potential to improve component quality. Within the scope of a research project, control and regulation strategies are to be implemented, for example by continuously adjusting the laser power on a demonstration system. In the implementation of this task, a test setup is to be expanded and a suitable control system (see Fig. 1) is to be used. This student job involves a number of possible tasks


- Selection and implementation of sensors, optical components and actuators for a test setup

- Automation of the sub-components to a closed-loop control.

- Programming of algorithms and implementation in control system hardware (PLC or FPGA)


- Interest in 3D printing technology

- Basic programming skills (e.g. Matlab, Simulink, Java, C++)

- Target-oriented working principles

- Studies in the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, production engineering, systems engineering or comparable

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Volker Renken
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